KW Young Professionals: Network Your Way to $20 Million

Saria FinkelsteinThe power of networking – networking has resulted in a $20 million business for buyer’s agent Saria Finkelstein. Saria, an early adopter and leader in KW Young Professionals (KWYP), is the lead buyer’s specialist on the Laurie Finkelstein Reader Real Estate Team in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. This year, the team is expected to close $100 million in volume, $20 million of which will have been generated by a KWYP super star!

How does she do it?

Agents Are Her Best Clients

Say what?!? While this may sound a bit contradictory, her philosophy on this could not be more spot on! Saria recognizes that her rapport with other agents matters – other agents accept her offers first, have open lines of communication during negotiations and refer business to her if they have a client who wants to buy in her area. Reputation is everything and building trust through her involvement in organizations like KW Young Professionals and other real estate groups has opened the door to meaningful business relationships that she expects to last for many years to come.

She Shows the Fun

Saria is a “what you see is what you get” type of girl! In her case, this is a fun-loving, optimistic young woman with a larger-than-life personality. Embracing her true self, Saria creatively captures the hearts of her clients through the zealous life she chooses to lead. She has created a persona, “Your Favorite Realtor,” which started as somewhat of a joke when she called her friends and clients and turned into her personal brand.

She dazzles her clients, not just with her exceptional professional skills but also with the fun she brings to the home-buying process. She literally rolls out a red carpet when showing homes to clients. At closing, new owners pose with a sparkly sign that says, “Sold by Saria.” Many times, clients start their conversations by mentioning that they can’t wait to see their picture with the “Sold by Saria” sign on her Facebook page.

Facebook Is It

Facebook is her “go to” social media platform for her real estate business. When she receives a lead, she typically “friends” the potential client on Facebook. She believes that showing that she is a real person with a fun life and wide-ranging interests makes her more than just a voice on the other side of the phone. Her Facebook strategy is to showcase the fun of real estate transactions with videos or pictures from closings, adding energy that attracts more clients. She also shows the fun in her personal life, ensuring “friends” see her as a real person, not just their “favorite realtor.”

Facebook also provides a great forum for leveraging relationships with restaurants and service providers. She frequently gives a shout out when she has a great customer service experience and reminds her friends and clients to tell the business that their “favorite realtor” sent them. A friend who recently opened a nail salon received more than 20 clients from Saria’s social media messaging.

When asked about other social media outlets, she is not shy about admitting that she is not well-versed in using Twitter, Instagram or other high-profile sites for her business. She has experienced such a large return on investment through Facebook that she is committed to mastering Facebook before moving on to Instagram. While not a frequent tweeter, you can follow Saria at @SaReal_Estate.

Always coming from contribution, Saria teaches Facebook classes on how to maximize Facebook in one’s real estate business. She chuckled when asked if she has taught her fellow team member, her grandmother, how to utilize Facebook.

More About the Laurie Finkelstein Reader Real Estate Team

Real estate runs in the family. Mega agent Laurie Finkelstein Reader is Saria’s aunt and her grandmother is a strong contributor to the team. After reading Gary Keller and Jay Papasan’s bestselling book The ONE Thing, the team restructured, with each member focused on their own one thing. That strategy has led to tremendous success.

Saria’s Favorite KW Tool (for the moment)

Saria is super jazzed about utilizing HomeKeepr to keep in touch with her clients! She knows she will stay front-of-mind by referring vendors and sending friendly reminders about general home TLC.


Saria was quick to join KWYP because of the special training focused on the next generation of Keller Williams (KW) leaders. She appreciates the access to executives and most importantly, the company’s commitment to growing leaders from within KW.

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