KW Young Professionals: The Energy Advantage with Nina Rowan Heller

Nina Rowan Heller

Nina Rowan Heller

The biggest advantage you have when you are in great health is energy! It seems like such an easy concept yet many of us will put our own health on hold to take care of work, our families, friends, volunteer activities or for fun. At Keller Williams Realty (KW), we believe that coaching can push us to get to where we want to be, quickly, in both business AND in wellness. To ensure we instill the value of good health in our future leaders, we continue to rely on Nina Rowan Heller to remind us of the energy advantage. This week, Nina shared more than an hour with our KWYP members providing a foundation for why focusing on health and wellness NOW will lead to tremendous success in the FUTURE.

The Gift of Time

What is the one thing everyone wants more of? Time! Taking care of your health and wellness will give you more time. You will have more energy to do things quicker and better, providing you more quality time for your passions.

When you are running like crazy, you are redlining. Think about this analogy: You watch your car’s gauges, do you listen to your body the same way? Are you running on empty or without oil? Your car stops without these things and your body will stop without the right fuel too!

Making incremental changes now will make a difference for a lifetime. The changes will impact how and how quickly you reach your goals. By focusing on your health as a young professional, you are making an investment in your body that will pay dividends the rest of your life. It will impact how you learn, grown and evolve.

Getting Started

Nina mentioned that the top two reasons new clients seek her coaching are chronic pain or high visibility. Don’t wait for pain or an exciting milestone such as a wedding to focus on our health. Think about these incremental changes that will get you moving in the right direction.

  • Hydrate: Hydration is the biggest way to impact your health goals. Nina’s tip on how much water to drink each day is to consume half the number of ounces of water as your weight in pounds.
  • Walk: Walking is the most effective long-term exercise. Nina referenced that all of her clients who have lost 60 pounds or more and have maintained the new weight attribute their success to walking.
  • Be Flexible: Concentrate on your flexibility which is a key component to good health. Flexibility enhances your strength and your cardiovascular system.
  • Digest: Your body’s #1 job is to digest. Eat foods that are filled with nutrients and resources that will digest quickly — “real food.” Don’t go for fast food which Nina calls, “fast calories.”
  • Lean on Experts: When one audience member asked how to learn to use gym equipment, Nina pointed out that there are other people at the gym who are wondering the same things. Don’t be shy, ask! There are experts at the gym excited to share their knowledge. Also, true to KW culture, she recommends getting a coach.

Motivation and Accountability

In business, we think about our “big why,” what motivates us to get up and kick butt each day. This goes for your health too! How is your health impacting your big why? Tie your health goal to how it will help you achieve your big why — quickly.

You are the number one asset in your business. Appreciate like a good asset, don’t depreciate. Investing in your health is investing in your future.

You are the number one asset in your business.

Leverage your leadership for accountability. Encourage others to join your wellness endeavors, create a community and use that community for accountability. As a leader, you won’t let down your team which will lead to not letting down yourself.

My favorite takeaway: Think about the goal clothing, not the goal weight. Bust out the skinny jeans and try them on weekly, ditch the scale.

Keeping It Real

Nina’s words of advice for emerging leaders, “Don’t take things too seriously!”

Don’t take things too seriously!

Don’t engage in others’ chaos or craziness. If confronted by someone who is causing chaos or “crazy,” acknowledge the problem and ask to think about a solution and get back to them. Allow yourself to separate yourself from the negative energy.

Look at problems and challenges as the opportunity to come up with a solution. When you are in leadership, challenges pop up numerous times a day. It is a leader’s job to determine what needs to happen. Keep it in check, we are not saving lives. Finding the solution is your opportunity to show you are a leader and accept the challenge of leadership.

Supporting Others

An audience member asked how to support others who might be frustrated by not seeing results quickly enough. Nina offered great advice!

  1. Ask permission to be a health ally.
  2. Prevent sabotage. Eliminate items in the environment that do not support new habits. In Holly terms, don’t bring donuts to work.
  3. Lead by example.

More to Come

Nina continues to be a huge advocate for the future leaders of KW, our KW Young Professional members. Keep an eye on the training calendar for future webinars with Nina and look forward to seeing Nina live at Family Reunion.

If you want to take this one step further, I highly recommend the MAPS Coaching Energy Advantage program. Once you get your weekly group calls with Nina and access to the private Facebook group, you will want more. I now find myself on the phone with Nina every Thursday for a private coaching call. And you wonder why I have endless energy!



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