Tapping Top Talent

June 5th, 2016
Josh Team

Holly Priestner with Keller Williams Realty Chief Innovation Officer Josh Team and His Wife Tara

Who has the deepest talent bench in all of Keller Williams? Gary Keller! As business owners, Gary believes that ALL of us are in the talent business and attracting talent is BIG business. As active sourcing becomes a considerable business trend, it’s important to stay focused on attracting top talent!

Positioning Yourself to Attract Top Talent

Your brand as an employer is more important than ever as millennials take the workforce by storm. Approximately 60 percent of candidates are considering your brand and reputation before even applying for a job and more than 90 percent of job seekers are attracted to you by what you are sharing about your company, culture and success.

The good news is that KW is winning on culture and success! Combining the KW story with what differentiates your real estate business allows you to brand yourself as a top workplace in your market.

“Talent is attracted to businesses that are growing and successful. It doesn’t matter if you are a mega agent closing $100 million a year or a new agent making your first hire, leveraging the growth and success of KW provides you with a solid message to attract talent,” says Holly Priestner, Director of Talent Acquisition for Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI). “The fact that our company culture is built on a foundation of succeeding through others, has a strong mission and vision, and places an emphasis on serving others positions us even more strongly to attract top talent.”

Holly relies on the KW trend report and highlights from recent cultural activities as talent conversation starters. “When you show a smart person motivated by success how much our company has grown during the Growth Initiative, how we continue to break our own records and outpace the industry, they want to be a part of that magic. This is YOUR magic too!” she says.

Holly shares how using KW’s success and culture scored a hot recruit, KWRI’s first Chief Innovation Officer, Josh Team. “Josh was on a list that Chris (Heller) shared with me – Business Insider’s 30 Under 30. Chris said, ‘I want someone on this list.’ I knew I had two challenges ahead of me, actually getting into contact with someone on the list and telling our company’s story in a way that would capture him or her.”

CEO Chris Heller adds, “Toward the end of the recruiting process, before we’d made an offer, Josh said he couldn’t wait to join our family. He understood from the very first conversation he and Holly had exactly who we are and where we are going.”

Share Your Story

You have a story. Where do you share it? Of course you are a walking, talking commercial for your brand, but there are other outlets that can make a powerful impact.

Your digital presence is more important than ever. Most online talent searches are mobile (an estimated 60-90 percent). Leveraging your existing social media channels is critical and you can take it to the next level by using platforms like Indeed to attract talent.

“Your message has to be available where talent is looking and your process has to be mobile-friendly. Building a presence on Indeed gives you the ‘real estate’ to be in front of talent while ensuring you are competitive in the world of mobile,” Holly says.

Job seekers expect to find you online and apply for positions online – all from their mobile phone. Don’t be intimidated by talent platforms. Embrace them! In addition to attracting your new big hire, you are also reinforcing your position as a real estate company of choice in your local market.

You’re Already a Pro

Think about it this way, you already have strong business foundations because you have been following the models and systems in Gary Keller’s The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Applying the same concepts you are using to work with buyers and sellers translate seamlessly to attracting top talent.

How so?

  • Asking questions leads to clarity on how your business can alleviate pain or align with their dreams.
  • Developing talent scripts tells a story of why talent wants to be in business with you.
  • You have to lead generate for talent.
  • You add talent to your database by building a moat around them and sending touches to them over time.
  • By focusing on accountability. Use a talent buddy as an accountability partner or like-minded professionals to help you meet your talent goals!

The concept of a talent bench might seem intimidating but that’s what the top real estate teams do and the payoff is huge. The ongoing cultivation of the relationship builds a strong bond. Having the right person to slot onto the team the minute the need arises is invaluable. Just like with your clients, patience is the key. Holly notes that it is not uncommon for a key KWRI hire to be on the bench for two years – cultivation pays off!

KWRI department heads are purposeful about serving as each other’s accountability partners when it comes to building talent benches.

“Our department leaders at KWRI gather for talent conversations every month,” she says, “No one succeeds alone and that is true when it comes to talent too.”

What happens during a talent conversation?

  • Tell the universe WHO you are looking for.
  • Share questions that you use to do the “heavy lifting” when meeting potential talent.
  • Identify rising stars who are ready for bigger opportunities.
  • Practice scripts.
  • Most importantly, set a goal and be accountable to how many people are on your talent bench.

Think in abundance and not in scarcity. Don’t be afraid to share talent! (Holly has referred numerous recruits to KW market centers and agents.) Creating an opportunity for talented people within KW makes the entire company stronger, generates goodwill for your future talent referrals and grows your down line. 

Tapping Top Talent

According to Holly, “We’re lucky! Keller Williams perfectly positions us to attract top talent. Culture and people are the heart of our business, which is important to today’s job seeker. Career Visioning and the KPA provide the tools to recruit and retain top talent. Our models and systems ensure we grow as our talent grows. It’s up to us to dig in and make the models and systems work for us to attract the best.”

Learn the fundamentals of building your brand to position yourself as a “Best Place to Work,” identify how you provide value that attracts top talent, discover where to look for top talent and create conversations that leave talent wanting more! Register for Tapping Top Talent, a new KW MAPS Group Coaching course that starts in July 2016!

KW Young Professionals: Taking Over Keller Williams Family Reunion

January 13th, 2016

In just a few weeks, 15,000 Keller Williams (KW) associates from across the globe will arrive in New Orleans for Keller Williams Realty’s largest convention of the year, Family Reunion (KWFR). We are the world’s largest real estate family! There are a few new things on the agenda this year that are quite significant — multiple breakouts brought to you by KW Young Professional (KWYP) members. As future leaders of KW, our KWYP members are setting a great example, coming from contribution and sharing their tips for success that will benefit both young and tenured KW agents.

What’s In Store for All Attendees

February 14, 2016
Social Media Experts 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Lead generating on social media has become the norm. Nick Baldwin, Lisa Archer and Liz Landry will hit the stage to share tips on making social media work for your real estate business. Be prepared, I think Nick has a panel Persicope up his sleeve!

0 to 200 Units in 3 Years  3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
YP dream team, Matt Aitchison and Rachel Adams tell their story of starting at zero to selling 200 units in just three years. I have a feeling the principles in BOLD have something to do with it!

February 15, 2016 
Explosive Growth  1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Join David Zarghami, CC Underwood, Kelly Henderson and Chris Suarez for Explosive Growth. As we learn in MAPS Coaching, your business grows gradually, then takes off! Hear how these young professionals blasted to take-off!

Autopilot — Systems that Replace You  3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Tim Heyl, KW’s “wonderkid,” figured out how to grow his business to the 7th level at a young age. Models and systems are the key to a successful BIG business that can run without you! Don’t miss the panel and to learn more about Tim, check this out this article from Outfront Magazine.


For those of you who are members of KWYP, don’t miss our members-only retreat on Saturday, February 13 from 8 a.m. to noon. Here is a quick agenda:

Panel: $1 Million+ GCI — No Problem
Tony DiCello moderates a panel with million dollar producers Tim Heyl and Chris Suarez

MAPS CEO Dianna Kokoszka Presents Leadership Expectations

KW Vice Chair of the Board Mo Anderson Talks Profit Share

KW Board Member Mary Tennant Interviews CEO KW Chris Heller

Panel: How to “Wow” Your Clients and Build a Lifetime of Referrals
Holly Priestner moderates a panel with Kymber Menkiti, Kristen Williams and Rosalyn Luna


Not a member? Visit kwyp.org or email me at holly.priestner@kw.com for more info. We are growing future leaders and you don’t want to miss what we are doing next!






New Year, New Career? Ask Me About Keller Williams!

January 6th, 2016

Happy New Year! Just six days in and 2016 is coming in strong! It seems like everywhere I go, friends are fired up about their annual goals. Yes, GOALS, not resolutions. Goals with plans that have already been set in motion. Goals that I am confident can be achieved!

Yesterday evening, I was at a gathering of smart, driven, goal-oriented women. Of the 15 ladies there, five are seeking new career opportunities. I am always vocal about how much I love Keller Williams Realty (KW) and was delighted when I was asked for assistance. Five business cards, four appointments and one new introduction later, I left energized, knowing we are entering conversations that have the potential to catapult their lives to the most meaningful and fulfilling level!

KW is more than a real estate company! KW was built to grow leaders of business empires who have well-balanced lives filled with purpose. The company mission is, “To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.”

To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.

KW provides the models, systems and tools to grow you and your business. The tools are not just real estate tools, they are business planning tools that I continue to use in all aspects of my life: my real estate business; my health; my nonprofit work; and my role at Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI), the company’s corporate headquarters. To be honest, I wanted to turn last night’s social gathering into a training session on tools that, if followed, will ensure goals will be hit.

Named the #1 training organization in the world by Training Magazine, KW provides coaching and training focused on leadership and business development. Not a week goes by that I do not take advantage of this training in multiple ways — coaching calls, live courses, webinars or videos. In MAPS Coaching, we have a saying, “Your business grows to the extent that you do.” KW provides the resources to grow your business and YOU!

Your business grows to the extent that you do.

“Succeeding through others,” is a phrase you often hear at KW. Leaders set goals and dreams so big that there is room for EVERYONE to succeed at the highest level. The opportunities are limitless and abundant.

If you are looking for a career worth having, talk to me! As Director of Talent Acquisition for KWRI, I can help you find potential opportunities at our corporate headquarters. As a KW leader who is connected to other company leaders around the world, I can leverage my global network that is waiting to get into business with talent. As a KW agent, I would love to introduce you to my team leader who has helped me launch my own successful business.

Opportunities are waiting, your goals are not! Let KW be your 2016 success story!





KW Young Professionals: Leadership with President John Davis

November 6th, 2015

A primary goal for KW Young Professionals (KWYP) is to build the future leaders of Keller Williams Realty (KW).  As (KWYP) chapters begin to pop up across the nation, we are so proud of the chapter presidents who have been selected by their KW regions to lead locally. This week, KW President John Davis jumped on a call with the chapter presidents to share his tips on growth and leadership. John is practically a young professional himself, leading the world’s largest real estate company while still in his 40s. Growth happens to be his area of expertise, establishing the Growth Initiative that is credited for KW’s growth explosion from 2012 to today. He is one of the reasons we are #1 and just begun!

Here’s what John had to say:

Oftentimes, young leaders resort to sales tactics when gaining commitment or buy-in. John recommends clearly stating a vision of what the end result will look like when a project is accomplished. Don’t sell! … a clearly communicated vision will attract the right people. At KW, we focus on activities that lead to results. John suggests that the activity chapter leaders should focus on is communicating the vision as often as possible. Repeat, measure, report back — the vision does the work for you!

As agents and leaders, it is important to build momentum in the fourth quarter that will result in success for the new year. What chapter leaders are building now is simply a launching pad for 2016. There are a lot of events during the holiday season. Instead of holding conflicting events, bring the core group of stakeholders to other events. Engage in others’ events with energy. This will attract like-minded, enthusiastic leaders to you and your vision. It’s the law of reciprocity.

Young leaders are constantly asking how to prove themselves. John’s words of wisdom: “Show up with a champion’s mindset!” Champions show up ready to go. They come from contribution, asking how they can help. Great leaders are always helping. A good leader is measured on how their people get better. Energy is key to creating a high energy environment. Protect and refuel your energy. Seriously contemplate who you are hanging out with, what you are eating, what you are reading. Make good choices that lead to protecting and fueling your energy.

Great advice from a young leader with endless energy!




KW Young Professionals: Network Your Way to $20 Million

October 23rd, 2015

Saria FinkelsteinThe power of networking – networking has resulted in a $20 million business for buyer’s agent Saria Finkelstein. Saria, an early adopter and leader in KW Young Professionals (KWYP), is the lead buyer’s specialist on the Laurie Finkelstein Reader Real Estate Team in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. This year, the team is expected to close $100 million in volume, $20 million of which will have been generated by a KWYP super star!

How does she do it?

Agents Are Her Best Clients

Say what?!? While this may sound a bit contradictory, her philosophy on this could not be more spot on! Saria recognizes that her rapport with other agents matters – other agents accept her offers first, have open lines of communication during negotiations and refer business to her if they have a client who wants to buy in her area. Reputation is everything and building trust through her involvement in organizations like KW Young Professionals and other real estate groups has opened the door to meaningful business relationships that she expects to last for many years to come.

She Shows the Fun

Saria is a “what you see is what you get” type of girl! In her case, this is a fun-loving, optimistic young woman with a larger-than-life personality. Embracing her true self, Saria creatively captures the hearts of her clients through the zealous life she chooses to lead. She has created a persona, “Your Favorite Realtor,” which started as somewhat of a joke when she called her friends and clients and turned into her personal brand.

She dazzles her clients, not just with her exceptional professional skills but also with the fun she brings to the home-buying process. She literally rolls out a red carpet when showing homes to clients. At closing, new owners pose with a sparkly sign that says, “Sold by Saria.” Many times, clients start their conversations by mentioning that they can’t wait to see their picture with the “Sold by Saria” sign on her Facebook page.

Facebook Is It

Facebook is her “go to” social media platform for her real estate business. When she receives a lead, she typically “friends” the potential client on Facebook. She believes that showing that she is a real person with a fun life and wide-ranging interests makes her more than just a voice on the other side of the phone. Her Facebook strategy is to showcase the fun of real estate transactions with videos or pictures from closings, adding energy that attracts more clients. She also shows the fun in her personal life, ensuring “friends” see her as a real person, not just their “favorite realtor.”

Facebook also provides a great forum for leveraging relationships with restaurants and service providers. She frequently gives a shout out when she has a great customer service experience and reminds her friends and clients to tell the business that their “favorite realtor” sent them. A friend who recently opened a nail salon received more than 20 clients from Saria’s social media messaging.

When asked about other social media outlets, she is not shy about admitting that she is not well-versed in using Twitter, Instagram or other high-profile sites for her business. She has experienced such a large return on investment through Facebook that she is committed to mastering Facebook before moving on to Instagram. While not a frequent tweeter, you can follow Saria at @SaReal_Estate.

Always coming from contribution, Saria teaches Facebook classes on how to maximize Facebook in one’s real estate business. She chuckled when asked if she has taught her fellow team member, her grandmother, how to utilize Facebook.

More About the Laurie Finkelstein Reader Real Estate Team

Real estate runs in the family. Mega agent Laurie Finkelstein Reader is Saria’s aunt and her grandmother is a strong contributor to the team. After reading Gary Keller and Jay Papasan’s bestselling book The ONE Thing, the team restructured, with each member focused on their own one thing. That strategy has led to tremendous success.

Saria’s Favorite KW Tool (for the moment)

Saria is super jazzed about utilizing HomeKeepr to keep in touch with her clients! She knows she will stay front-of-mind by referring vendors and sending friendly reminders about general home TLC.


Saria was quick to join KWYP because of the special training focused on the next generation of Keller Williams (KW) leaders. She appreciates the access to executives and most importantly, the company’s commitment to growing leaders from within KW.

KW Young Professionals: The Energy Advantage with Nina Rowan Heller

September 20th, 2015
Nina Rowan Heller

Nina Rowan Heller

The biggest advantage you have when you are in great health is energy! It seems like such an easy concept yet many of us will put our own health on hold to take care of work, our families, friends, volunteer activities or for fun. At Keller Williams Realty (KW), we believe that coaching can push us to get to where we want to be, quickly, in both business AND in wellness. To ensure we instill the value of good health in our future leaders, we continue to rely on Nina Rowan Heller to remind us of the energy advantage. This week, Nina shared more than an hour with our KWYP members providing a foundation for why focusing on health and wellness NOW will lead to tremendous success in the FUTURE.

The Gift of Time

What is the one thing everyone wants more of? Time! Taking care of your health and wellness will give you more time. You will have more energy to do things quicker and better, providing you more quality time for your passions.

When you are running like crazy, you are redlining. Think about this analogy: You watch your car’s gauges, do you listen to your body the same way? Are you running on empty or without oil? Your car stops without these things and your body will stop without the right fuel too!

Making incremental changes now will make a difference for a lifetime. The changes will impact how and how quickly you reach your goals. By focusing on your health as a young professional, you are making an investment in your body that will pay dividends the rest of your life. It will impact how you learn, grown and evolve.

Getting Started

Nina mentioned that the top two reasons new clients seek her coaching are chronic pain or high visibility. Don’t wait for pain or an exciting milestone such as a wedding to focus on our health. Think about these incremental changes that will get you moving in the right direction.

  • Hydrate: Hydration is the biggest way to impact your health goals. Nina’s tip on how much water to drink each day is to consume half the number of ounces of water as your weight in pounds.
  • Walk: Walking is the most effective long-term exercise. Nina referenced that all of her clients who have lost 60 pounds or more and have maintained the new weight attribute their success to walking.
  • Be Flexible: Concentrate on your flexibility which is a key component to good health. Flexibility enhances your strength and your cardiovascular system.
  • Digest: Your body’s #1 job is to digest. Eat foods that are filled with nutrients and resources that will digest quickly — “real food.” Don’t go for fast food which Nina calls, “fast calories.”
  • Lean on Experts: When one audience member asked how to learn to use gym equipment, Nina pointed out that there are other people at the gym who are wondering the same things. Don’t be shy, ask! There are experts at the gym excited to share their knowledge. Also, true to KW culture, she recommends getting a coach.

Motivation and Accountability

In business, we think about our “big why,” what motivates us to get up and kick butt each day. This goes for your health too! How is your health impacting your big why? Tie your health goal to how it will help you achieve your big why — quickly.

You are the number one asset in your business. Appreciate like a good asset, don’t depreciate. Investing in your health is investing in your future.

You are the number one asset in your business.

Leverage your leadership for accountability. Encourage others to join your wellness endeavors, create a community and use that community for accountability. As a leader, you won’t let down your team which will lead to not letting down yourself.

My favorite takeaway: Think about the goal clothing, not the goal weight. Bust out the skinny jeans and try them on weekly, ditch the scale.

Keeping It Real

Nina’s words of advice for emerging leaders, “Don’t take things too seriously!”

Don’t take things too seriously!

Don’t engage in others’ chaos or craziness. If confronted by someone who is causing chaos or “crazy,” acknowledge the problem and ask to think about a solution and get back to them. Allow yourself to separate yourself from the negative energy.

Look at problems and challenges as the opportunity to come up with a solution. When you are in leadership, challenges pop up numerous times a day. It is a leader’s job to determine what needs to happen. Keep it in check, we are not saving lives. Finding the solution is your opportunity to show you are a leader and accept the challenge of leadership.

Supporting Others

An audience member asked how to support others who might be frustrated by not seeing results quickly enough. Nina offered great advice!

  1. Ask permission to be a health ally.
  2. Prevent sabotage. Eliminate items in the environment that do not support new habits. In Holly terms, don’t bring donuts to work.
  3. Lead by example.

More to Come

Nina continues to be a huge advocate for the future leaders of KW, our KW Young Professional members. Keep an eye on the training calendar for future webinars with Nina and look forward to seeing Nina live at Family Reunion.

If you want to take this one step further, I highly recommend the MAPS Coaching Energy Advantage program. Once you get your weekly group calls with Nina and access to the private Facebook group, you will want more. I now find myself on the phone with Nina every Thursday for a private coaching call. And you wonder why I have endless energy!



Keller Williams Realty Rallies for Run for the Water

September 14th, 2015


KW 2014 Run for the Water

Our KW family celebrating a big finish at the 2014 Run for the Water.

Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI) was founded in Austin, based in Austin and committed to Austin. One KWRI tradition is its title sponsorship of the Gazelle Foundation’s Run for the Water, a run supporting the Austin-based foundation that is transforming lives in Burundi by supplying access to clean water. Foundation founder, Gilbert Tuhabonye, is a native Burundian who now calls Austin home. Gilbert’s own triumphant story of fleeing civil war in Burundi captured the hearts of the Keller Williams (KW) associates many years ago and he is basically part of the KW family!

Why Run?

Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world and has little access to natural water sources. Each race registration provides clean water to one Burundian for life. It’s one for one! Join us November 1 for the fun! Register and use KWruns2015 to take advantage of the KW friends and family discount.

Run in Austin

Run for the Water offers a 10 mile, 5K and Kids K. More than 7,000 participants are expected to take part this year. KW’s goal is for 1,000 of these runners to be our friends and family. We are bringing our favorite party, Red Bash, to Run for the Water with tents hosting KW red swag, photo booths from MyEventIsTheBomb, juice from DailyJuice and breakfast tacos provided by Austin Tour Company. For the first time ever, the Gazelle Foundation has created a KW red shirt for our family members who register before October 1.

Go for the Global Run

For the first time, MapMyFitness is offering a global run and training platform. Regardless of where you live, you too can take part in Run for the Water!

See you November 1

It doesn’t matter if you run with us in Austin or if you are running in Dubai. We will see you November 1 in person or through social media channels. Make sure to tell your Run for the Water story by tagging #R4TW2015 and #KWWellness!


KW Young Professionals: Keller Williams Mega Camp Mastermind

August 31st, 2015


Dianna Kokoszka and Bailey Heard present to the KW Young Professionals Division

Dianna Kokoszka and Bailey Heard present to the KW Young Professionals Division

Keller Williams Realty Mega Camp was booming and one of the loudest booms was coming from the KW Young Professionals (KWYP) Mastermind as more than 100 young agents packed the room to mastermind with MAPS Coaching CEO Dianna Kokoszka. Dianna continues to be a loud champion for the growing division, always contributing at the highest level to develop the next generation of Keller Williams leaders.

The event started off with a special conversation with Bailey Heard who offered an inspiring story that left the crowd speechless. In her early 20’s as a new wife and mother, Bailey faced a difficult road as her husband was diagnosed with cancer. As he battled the illness and recognized his life would be cut short, he took on his life goals, even completing the book he thought he would write later in life. A significant part of his legacy is The Ellie Project, a children’s book compiled of drawings and life lessons he developed with his daughter before his death. Bailey has created her own legacy, focusing on helping other women who have experienced loss start the next chapter of their lives. Bailey’s story is one of triumph and her candid humor captivated the audience as she shared how her tragedy changed her perspective on entitlement, gratitude, and living in the present moment.

Dianna then launched the mastermind session. The conversation and questions flowed and in true Dianna form, there were too many amazing nuggets to capture. Here are a few words of wisdom that rocked the KWYP world!

It’s not about who you know, it’s who knows you!
You know how people need encouraging? They’re breathing.
When the “why” is strong enough, the “how” shows up.
Don’t complain about what you will tolerate!

Comfort is on the opposite end of success!

Raise your financial thermostat, surround yourself with people who allow it to go up!

The ending quote powerfully captures our KW culture centered around helping others:

Your income increases in direct proportion to how much you serve.





KW Young Professionals: An Interview with Keller Williams President John Davis

July 27th, 2015

We are Keller Williams (KW) Young Professionals. We want to know what it takes to lead at the highest level of our KW family. Fortunately for us, our top leaders are willing to share, teach, and mentor us. Here is a recap of this week’s KW Young Professionals webinar featuring former KW President Mary Tennant interviewing our new President John Davis.

Mary has seen the evolution of John’s KW Career. She witnessed the early years that set the stage for a bright career. He always had a burning desire to be successful and to lead. He attributes this to coming from the athletic world. A football star, results and success – quickly – were always important. Leadership was even more important, which he realized from an early age.

 “Ever since I was young, leadership has come naturally. It is not over; it is a journey. I have not arrived.” – KW President John Davis

Mary pointed out that John always had an edge, a different mindset than others, the ability to set himself apart from the crowd. John knew where he wanted to go – he wanted to sell the best houses, he wanted results – quickly. (Are you catching the trend? Results – quickly!) He had great role models in Gary Keller, Mo Anderson, Mark Willis and Mary Tennant who taught him that it was all about performance. It didn’t matter how young or how seasoned he was, it was about results.

 “I wanted to be able to measure performance and results.” – KW President John Davis

Recognizing his greatest assets are his work ethic and enthusiasm, John said that when you are excited about what you do, it is infectious. He attributes his work ethic first to his parents, then to athletics noting that if he worked hard, he would be better than the others. That mantra has continued throughout his life.

Mary delved into John’s quick mastery of the Recruit Select (RS) process. John shared a great analogy: RS is a playbook! RS teaches one how to speak the language, size up what others want and how to help them achieve their goals. This was a great transition into his focus on teamwork. John does nothing along, believing in succeeding through others. John notes, “When you develop other leaders, you give them a gift which leads to a talent stream lined up outside of your door which in turn becomes a gift for your family.”

John is the master at connecting with people almost immediately during the RS process. He says the key is to listen, recommending to take time out of the equation. Learn how others speak and how they want to be spoken to. RS is a powerful tool.

So, what traits does John Davis see in future leaders? He believes that those who succeed at a high level have energy and intensity. They are learning based. They don’t do thing in short spurts, they focus on consistency and stay with it. Gary teaches us to refine. John says that his fellow leader, new KW CEO Chris Heller, is the best at refining!

 “I am fortunate to work with Chris. He takes something, goes through the process and each time, makes it better than the last!” – KW President John Davis

When asked how to raise the leadership lid on a young professional, John recommended engaging in learning-based activities with organizations like KW Young Professionals, which he called a leadership incubator. He also recommended mastering RS, the tool that will help leaders spot talent, get in business with top talent and enable a leader to communicate with talent at the highest level.

“Leadership is not only you performing at a high level, it is helping your team get in place at the highest level.” – KW President John Davis

John conducts weekly calls with KW leadership where he is known to place a huge emphasis on using data and metrics when holding leaders accountable. Why is this? He says that accountability equals awareness. When using metrics, emotions are taken out of the conversation, it is easier on you and easier on the people you are leading and coaching. It is not about being good or bad, it is about the numbers.

 Accountability = Awareness

John heavily relied on using the language of real estate, or LORE, as a young agent. “When I was 28 and I could talk about the market stronger than a 55 year old, it gave me instant validity. Age doesn’t matter, validity and performance results do.

 “Age doesn’t matter; validity, performance and results do.” – KW President John Davis

John has incredible energy. He is on fire ALL DAY LONG! While eating right and morning workouts are key, surrounding himself by people who want the same things as he does is equally as important. He also loves a plan, not because he is boring, but because it is fun to measure. When he is with others, he is naturally excited to share!

On a personal note, my favorite thing about John is what motivates him – creating opportunities for others. To John, that is true leadership. It is not about the titles or positions, it is about creating these opportunities and the fun that comes with watching what happens in the lives of others. He noted that opportunities are everywhere in KW and that no organization is focused on trainings to sharpen skills to help leaders get to where they want to be – faster.

One of the coolest leadership transitions I have ever seen is the transition of Keller Williams President from Mary Tennant to John Davis. (Tennant recently joined the Keller Williams Board of Directors.) On the webinar, KW Young Professionals had the opportunity to ask Mary questions about John.

Q: As a company leader, what traits did John exhibit that showed he was the best candidate to succeed you as president?
A: John demonstrates the most amazing work ethic. He is not a solo performer, but a strong team member. He is passionate about being invisible to allow his team to shine. He understands that no one succeeds alone. His honest desire to elevate everyone around him automatically elevates him. He engages in fair play and has a lot of integrity, which is important when leading a company. He believes in both sides winning.

We all have a tremendous love for this company – it is not a job – it is a passion. John has always had that passion and like all of us, there has never been a doubt for a moment that we would be #1 in all arenas. He knows there are no limits and like all KW leaders, he has enormous vision.

 “We have all a tremendous love for this company – it is not a job – it is a passion.” KW Board Member Mary Tennant

This transition ispart of the thrill of the ride. It has brought me more pleasure than anything else.

Mary takes great confidence that the KW Young Professionals Division and our new young president are keys to success for continued global dominance.

Keller Williams Realty Flood Relief Efforts

June 6th, 2015


KW Flood Relief Efforts

Our Keller Williams team: boots-on-the-ground to organizing serious donations!

It is no secret that I love working at Keller Williams Realty International, the corporate headquarters for the world’s largest real estate franchise. The values-based culture is what attracted me when I was recruited to the company and as I reflect on the disaster relief efforts of the past two weeks, I am more dedicated than ever to this business empire with a big heart!

When floods ravaged Central Texas, our company immediately launched into action identifying how our 250 corporate team members and Texas agents could help. In less than two weeks, I am astounded by our progress and inspired by our commitment to continue our efforts for the duration of the clean-up. Our business is to find dream homes; it is our responsibility to help rebuild their homes and lives!

I have had the blessing to be a part of the core team organizing our relief efforts which remains an emotional journey. I am filled with gratitude for Keller Williams, the strong volunteers dedicated to helping others, and the resilient survivors who remain optimistic through such devastating conditions. We have shared laughs and tears, but most importantly, we have built special relationships and made new friends that will remain for a lifetime. (Stories for another post!)

Our corporate staff alone has volunteered more than 600 hours and we are not finished yet! From driving Bobcats to move debris, to shoveling homes filled with mud, to demolishing the insides of homes that need to be completely rebuilt, I have marveled at the incredible skills my colleagues possess. In addition to the powerful boots-on-the-ground efforts, they have also organized donation drives for food, money, clothing, and household items and have packed hundreds of personal hygiene bags for survivors.

In typical KW “all-in” form, our agents were quick to respond, organizing volunteer trips involving hundreds of agents from Central Texas. My heart swelled when a bus filled with Houston agents — while floodwaters still lurked in Houston — arrived in San Marcos, ready to help clean homes and organize donation centers.

The efforts continue! Our corporate team and Central Texas franchise offices have set up volunteer days of the week to ensure that our neighbors have support for the duration. If you wish to volunteer with a group, email me at holly.priestner@kw.com. We would love for you to join us!

I have never been more proud to be part of Keller Williams Realty International! Times like these remind me of why we are always on best places to work lists and why we truly are the real estate company of choice. Explore a career with us or connect with our international network of agents for your next move. I can help you become part of our KW family as a client, agent or corporate team member. We would love to expand our hearts to you!